Achieve Parts Forever using the most powerful integrated design and on-demand fulfillment 3D printing network.


Virtualize and create your “digital inventory” of assets on our platform and order 3D printed parts when you need them from our extensive global network of 3D printing fabricators (Service Bureaus).


Virtualize Your Inventory

Build a perpetual “digital inventory”

Convert the physical parts you manage into digital, 3d printable designs and store them forever in a secure virtual inventory.


Ensure Your Designs are Safe and Protected

We offer design encryption so that only you control who can open and edit your files.

We offer an encrypted network for secure transfer of your files from your virtual inventory store to our network of service bureaus.

On-Demand Fulfillment Network

Parts Where and When You Need Them

Select parts to fulfill from your perpetual virtual inventory; we match the right service bureau to do the job based on where and when you need them.